Visipro Rack Deflector

VISIPRO Pallet Rack Deflectors


  • Designed to mitigate the effect of pallet impacts against rear and front pallet racking uprights.
  • Reduces rack maintenance and rear upright damage by up to 90%.
  • Affordable prices and Quick Installation.
  • Made from injection molded, high-impact plastic compound with energy absorbing and self-reforming properties.
  • The safety yellow colour ensures high visibility, enhancing the forklift driver’s ability to identify the upright’s location.
  • Available in two models: The AX115 for the rear uprights of pallet racks, and the AX140 for front uprights with protectors.
  • The AX115 for rear upright has a 115mm internal diameter and height of 120mm, allowing ample room to be placed over the anchoring footplate of the upright and within the anchor bolts.
  • The AX140 for the front upright has a 140mm internal diameter and height of 120mm, and is placed around the front upright mounted with Visipro Pallet Rack Protector of sizes AVS1, AVS2, AVA, AVB or AVC.


Std. pack : 100 pcs. per ctn.
Two pins required for each Deflector. Additional pins can be ordered separately.
Size : 125mm Length.
Made from Nylon plastic.

High Visibility Deflectors to Protect Pallet Rack Uprights against Pallet Impacts.