Specialist For Harsh Environments

Recognized Skills:

Instrumentum Group is proud to represent Georgin instruments based in France and Belgium. Georgin was established in 1939, the company has constantly grown by widening the range of its activities around two areas of expertise: industrial instrumentation and intrinsic safety protection technology for hazardous areas. Georgin products are well known and commonly used in Energy, Railway, and Military Shipbuilding.

Measurement and Control Security

Georgin offers a wide range of products for measurement and electromechanical solutions to control pressure and temperature: Pressure transmitters, Process transmitters, Temperature transmitters, Temperature probes, Pressure gauges, Temperature gauges, Temperature Probes, Pressure switches, Temperature switches

Other Accessories:
Diaphragm seal, Standardized flange, Pressure gauge valves, Thermowells, and 2, 3 or 5 valves Manifolds

Intrinsic Safety

Intrinsic Safety is one of the protection methods used for instruments installed in
hazardous areas. Georgin offers a large range of Intrinsically safe devices:
Zener barriers, switching amplifier, Isolator, Converters, Power supply, Field mounted indicators,
Bargraphs, Set point stations, and Pilot lamps